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    Rent Gulet Gocek | Gulet Charter Gocek
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    Motor Yacht Charter Turkey | Rent Motoryacht Bodrum
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    Luxury Gulet Charter Turkey, Gulet Charter Fethiye 9 Cabins
Blue Cruise

Our Charter Yachts Based All Aegean and Mediternean. Boat in TURKEY ! Our Yacht Charter Blue Cruise itenaries area Between Fethiye, Bodrum, Gocek, İstanbul area Also Greek Islands See all of Our YACHTS...!

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Gulet Charter Turkey - Cabin Charters Turkey - Luxury Cabin Charter

Weekly guaranteed departure cabin charter Turkey from Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya and Gocek every Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Cabin charter sailed with selected carefully Standard gulets and standard gulet generally has six or more cabin. Cabin Charter is the ideal and affordable way to enjoy excited and relaxed sailing in Turkish waters.
What is Cabin Charter?
Sharing a yacht, booking a private yacht cabin; to enjoy with your cruise holiday sailing in Aegean coast. Cabin charters organised over than 10 different itineraries and Boat in TURKEY will arrange cabin charters yachts sailing to all itineraries.
What is included ?
Cabin charter program includes meal on full board basis; drinks required can be bought from the bar on deck. 7 nights weekly cruise or 3 nights long mini cruise program can be schedule for the people who have less time for sail. You may see all detailed informations in cabin charter programs link on the header or click here.

Bareboat Charter Turkey, Sailboats, Flotilla Charter

Bareboat Charter Turkey meaning offers the same itineraries and pleasures of a Gulet charter, but with the added freedom of having your boat entirely to yourself. If you want, you can also hire an experienced skipper to help you sail and plot your course.

Flotilla sailing is sailing with two or more yachts or gulets usually led by an experienced skipper on one of the boats.

Flotilla sailing is great for large groups who may have varying needs - the boats can sail together or separate for a while if one part of the group wants to see ancient ruins while the other is more interested in sunning and relaxing, for instance.

Motor Yacht Charter Turkey

The Turkish Motor yacht chartering industry has grown and developed enormously over the past 40 years, most notably in the area of Motor Yachts Chartering, also termed Blue Cruises as Gulets same itenaries (see gulets tab texts on Chartering a Gulet in Turkey).

Motor Yachts offer a crewed charter and Bareboat Rental Motor Yachts gives you experience on luxury yachts turkey, ultra comfortable Motor yachts, with great cuisine, friendly crew and itnineraries to please everyone.

If you prefer a pampered charter aboard a less classic yacht, there are crewed gulet yachts to meet any needs. More and more luxury motor yachts are now available in Turkish waters, and charters often combine a several of the nearby Greek islands for a complete Aegean experience.

What is a Gulet?

Gulets (often spelled Gullets),

Were originally wooden fishing boats used in Southern Turkey.

The Turks have always been expert boat builders, and have evolved these boats from spartan fishing boats into luxury sailing yachts with all of the amenities. They are perfect yachts for a relaxing sail around the alluring and historical ports of Southern Turkey including Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye on a Blue Cruise.

Gulet Charters and Blue Cruises

These wide-decked sailing vessels have evolved over the years from being traditionally used just for fishing and cargo, to being comfortably equipped with all the amenities of home for a fabulous holiday for groups of people at sea. On a gulet you can enjoy secluded bays and coves at your leisure, while being served delicious, well prepared local food and drinks. Your crew will take you ashore to see landmarks and ruins, as well as remote, charming towns with excellent seaside restaurants (or perhaps some night life, if you so desire).

Gulet charters are a very popular holiday with Boat in TURKEY clients – as well as being as fun and as relaxing as you wish, they also offer exceptional value, whatever your budget!